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You have similar privileges as I have, Bangladesh PM Sheik Hasina tells Hindu community

You have similar privileges as I have, Bangladesh PM Sheik Hasina tells Hindu community

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheik Hasina has encouraged the Hindu people group not to consider themselves a minority in the country.
Encouraging individuals from the Hindu people group not to consider themselves a minority in the nation, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheik Hasina, said all individuals regardless of their religions appreciate equivalent privileges in Bangladesh.
The Prime Minister, who basically went to an occasion at the Dhakeswari Mandir in Dhaka and JM Sen Hall in Chattogram from her authority home, Ganabhaban, said, “We need individuals, all things considered, to reside with equivalent privileges. In the event that you are a resident of this country, you have equivalent freedoms here. You have similar freedoms as I have,” she said.
Hasina was cited by the public authority news organization, Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha while trading good tidings with the Hindu people group pioneers on the event of Krishna Janmashtami.

“Kindly don’t sabotage yourselves,” she added. She said if all individuals would move with this certainty, then, at that point, the malicious quarter, from any religion, could always be unable to hurt the strict amicability of the country.

“We need to keep that conviction and solidarity among us. I need this from all of you,” she pursued.
The Prime Minister, nonetheless, descended vigorously on a segment of the Hindu people group, who attempted to suggest that Hindus were in an exceptionally terrible circumstance in Bangladesh.
She said, “I might want to say one thing with a grave lament that at whatever point any occurrence happens in the country, it is proliferated at home and abroad greatly in the manner that the Hindu public has no direction in this country.”

Sheik Hasina said at whatever point any occurrence occurs, the public authority makes a quick move against it.

“Yet, it is depicted such that the Hindus have no privileges here. Also, the activities of the public authority after the occurrences don’t certainly stand out enough to be noticed,” she noted.

She said while making a move, numerous Muslims were killed by police terminating to safeguard mandirs (Hindu sanctuaries). “This sort of episode occurred in the country,” she said.
She additionally referenced the Cumilla episode. “However, those are not typically told, rather it is spread that the Hindus are living in a tough situation in the country.”
The PM said the number of puja mandaps in Dhaka was higher than the number in West Bengal or Kolkata, and all over Bangladesh the Durga Puja was praised enormously. She said the public authority not just took drives to fix or revamp mosques, yet in addition remodel or fix mandirs, moths, and houses of worship also.

“It isn’t on the whole correct to say anything that harms anybody’s strict feeling,” she added.

Sheik Hasina said Bangladesh was a better place in the reality where all individuals from all religions commend any strict celebration.

“There are tremendous endeavors to obliterate this friendly strict air of the country. A part of individuals in all religions are there who frequently attempt to make issues,” she said.

She referenced that the public authority and Awami League didn’t have confidence in that frame of mind from any religion. “We can say it plainly. Our administration is exceptionally wary about it. I can guarantee you that.”

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