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Xi Jinping is now XiLimping

Xi Jinping is now XiLimping

Xi Jinping’s China is a very strict conservative nation, its people have not been having the basic right of even expressing their opinions, and criticism against the government is a sure way of accepting death with cold blood.

But why do the most populous nation in the world is so so undemocratic? People have no voice at all, and whatever voice against the government emerges, the voice is simply bulldozed.

External social media are not allowed at all. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even Google are distant dreams for the people, and whatever social media are available, all are strictly monitored and censored.

Conventional print and electronic media are controlled. Not a single voice of dissent is tolerated. Can anyone imagine in this day and age banning of social media?

Certainly, we, in India can’t even think of it, and if our government tries to do so, it will fall within hours.

But the question now is, why do one and a half billion people in their own country live like prisoners? Are all of them meek, timid, and cowards?

Are they afraid of death and can’t raise their voices against atrocities? Are they united enough to bring in a government with their choices?

Xi Jinping is now XiLimping

In not too distant past we saw what happened to the tennis player Li Na, she simply vanished, and we all know the billionaire and the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma too has been missing for a year or so.

The questions are endless but answers are too few to even we from a different country could probably think of.

No news is allowed to travel outside China. International media are not allowed to enter their territories.

The situation is changing though, it has been burning for quite a long time but during Covid and after Covid (although China’s Covid-19 cases are rising day by day at present) people have lost patience and coming out on the streets against relentless and continuous Lockdowns.

Xi Jinping is now XiLimping

People were not allowed even to step out of their homes. Every house is a jail and people do not have basic necessities to live.

Apple’s largest manufacturing unit has been sealed for many months and hence Apple’s production of its products has gone down.

The zero Covid policy of Xi Jinping has been tourturing its own citizens for more than two years now.

Xi Jinping is now XiLimping

Xi Jinping’s so-called popularity has been affected severely and people are protesting against him almost in all the cities including Beijing and Shanghai.

After Covid, almost all other countries are slowly but surely going towards normalcy but China has a long way to go to be stable again.

Probably the flames will be burning even more now and become the biggest fire in the history of China.

Posters, banners, and any form of other peaceful protests are strictly banned. But people are defying that too and protesting with blank A4 papers.

First-time people are openly asking for the ouster of Xi Jinping, which was unheard of in the past.

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China’s economy too has been going down faster than anyone could think of. Sustain lockdowns are hampering its productivity.

The government is too busy with the affairs of its neighbors and other countries.

Continuous conflicts with India, Japan, and Taiwan are not doing any good to its citizens.

Will it become a democracy anytime soon? We from a different country probably can’t answer that, but if one and a half billion people unite, surely will.

Nandan Chetry

Nandan Chetry

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