World Social Media Day


World Social Media Day

World Social Media Day is observed on June 30 every year to recognize the power of social media. The medium helps people to interact and communicate with each other. The day shows how different social media platforms have changed the way people in today’s world use the medium for various purposes. It includes using it for business and expressing oneself and portraying their talent on these platforms. The use and power of social media have grown over the years during the COVID-19 pandemic, these mediums turned out to be the primary source of communication among people. As we observe World Social Media Day 2020, we bring to you quotes on social media which you can share with you on the same medium to make people aware of its importance.

From reconnecting old friends, rekindling love, social media is capable of various things. According to some surveys, people use social media for an average of 144 minutes every single day. World Social Media Day is observed to show its impact on people. As we observe the day we bring to you some thoughtful quotes which show the importance of social media and why we need to understand its use.

The thrust of the “World Social Media Day” is to know the extent of the effects of all social media platforms on everyday life and its effectiveness as a communication tool.

Active user accounts were – 

  • Facebook 2.4 million
  • YouTube 2 million
  • WhatsApp 1.6 million
  • Facebook Messenger 1.3 million, WeChat 1.2 million
  • Instagram 1 million
  • TikTok 800,000
  • Snapchat 382,000
  • Twitter 342,000
  • Pinterest 322,000…


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