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Women empowerment : catalyst for development

Women empowerment acts as an imperative catalyst for the development of any country. The wrath of poverty still daunts many Indian regions and while we are flooded with downtrodden communities, one common observation is that women are the most marginalized and underprivileged. Most of them had been victims of domestic abuse. Their lives were not really theirs’ as they had no control.

With the belief to instill some hope and an aspiration to make sure that these women are heard, We at Enactus Ramjas initiated a project called ARADHAGA in 2012.  
PROJECT ARADHAGA, is very important to all of us here at Enactus Ramjas. Not just because it is one of our very first projects, but more so because it has taught us so much, so many countless life lessons, things we could never have learned in our classrooms.
By undertaking this initiative we aim to help these women to take charge of their destinies and help them both emotionally as well as financially. We know that Financial Independence is the key factor and we endow our task so as to ensure value creation by these extremely strong women.

We connect with these women to work at our ‘stitching’ centers substantially in Vasant Kunj, Delhi NCR. They are first professionally trained in sewing, stitching, and any other skills that might be required for designing. We then provide them with raw material and designs by which they then manufacture various products, majorly contributed by tote bags. The products are then further sold on a variety of platforms, for example in college fests, Enactus Store, subscription gifts, and also we receive orders from other companies and NGOs.  We pay them a  fixed salary from the revenue earned. They often go on to open their own stitching and tailoring shops.

This initiative also aims to make fashion more sustainable while textile upcycling.
We are grateful that we can contribute by guiding these women, our beneficiaries who are the potential female entrepreneurs, to not only stand up for themselves but also have a firm leg to stand on.

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