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Who is Sidhu Moosewala?

A person who promoted gang and gun culture through his songs. A person who openly promoted Khalistani ideology. A person who always bowed to Bhindranwale. A person who always walked on the Pakistani narrative on the Kashmir issue. A person who openly defamed Hindu pujaris and prayed for democratically elected PM’s death.
All of a sudden this person became a legend after his death. His death shows how stupid our youth is. He might be a good artist but that doesn’t mean his thoughts and ideologies are good too. He might have given some contribution to the country through the entertainment industry but people should be smart enough to
distinguish between trash and legend. A couple of days back seven security forces lost their lives but no one cares not even knows about them, but trying to create a fuss over some overhyped artist. What’s more is that some people are trying to compare him(Sidhu Moosewala) to the legendary singer KK(Krishnakumar Kunnath) who recently passed way on 31st May 2022. Like really?
The youth should rethink about their stand and realise who real heroes are.



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