Why the Cadbury Boycott is trending ?

There is controversy over established chocolate brands Cadbury in India. 

#BoycottCadbury is trending on Twitter. The company's latest advertisement has sparked controversy. 

During Diwali, the company aired a controversial advertisement showing a poor lamp seller named Damodar.

After the advertisement was aired, Prachi Sadhvi wrote on Twitter, Have you carefully observed Cadbury chocolate's advertisement on TV Channels?

The Shopless Poor Lamp Seller is Damodar This is done to show someone with PM Narendra Modi's father's name in poor lights. 

She wrote, Chaiwale ka baap diyewala Shame on the Cadbury Company. 

As it turns out, this is not the first time Cadbury has sparked controversy in India. Consumers in India have accused Cadbury of putting a beef element in Dairy Milk. 

Before this most recent incident, Cadbury was criticized for including beef in its products and being halal certified.

One of the company's most popular chocolate products led to a widespread backlash against the company last year.