Who is Michael Boulos who married Tiffany Trump? 

Tiffany Trump married Michael Boulos on Nov 12 at Mar-a-Logo in Florida 

Former President Donald Trump's youngest daughter Tiffany Trump is a married woman!

Michael and Tiffany began dating in the summer of 2018 after splitting with longtime boyfriend Ross Mechanic.

Tiffany announced that she was engaged to Michael in January this year. 

Tiffany posted a beautiful photo on Instagram of herself and her now-husband standing in a corridor outside the White House with a sparkling diamond ring on their left hand. 

The relationship was initially kept secret, but Tiffany made it public later that year at Mar-a-Lago. 

Who is Michael?

Michael was born in Kfarrakka, Lebanon. He later moved to Lagos with his parents.

He runs his family business, Bolos Enterprises, in Lagos. The motorcycle company is extremely successful, and Michael inherits a multi-billion dollar family fortune.

Michael has since 2016 been appointed Associate Director of SOCA Nigeria, a conglomerate “active in furniture manufacturing and interior design, automobile assembly. 

In 2019, he became a director of Fadul Group and in the same year became a director of business development at Royalton Investments. 

Michael received his bachelor's degree in 2018 and his master's degree in Project management, Finance from the City University of London in 2019