Who is Christopher Darnell Jones, accused in the UVA massacre ?

UVA student and former football player Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. are accused of shooting three student-athletes and injuring two other students. 

Three football players were killed and two others injured in a shooting at the University of Virginia on Sunday night.

During the investigation, authorities learned of a previous concealed weapons case involving Jones outside the city of Charlottesville in February 2021. 

Suspect Christopher Darnell Jones was a student at the Charlottesville school. 

Jones is from Petersburg, about 24 miles south of Richmond. He went to Verina High School in Henrico County. 

From 2014 to 2016, Jones attended Verina High School for ninth and 10th grade. 

For three years, Jones was a star football player at Verina High School, a member of the National Honor Society, president of Key Club, and student of the year as a freshman and sophomore. 

He played his senior season at Petersburg High School where he was honorable mention all-conference as a running back and linebacker. 

He was a freshman on the football team as a running back in 2018 but did not play in any games, according to his biography on the athletics department website.

A university spokesman said he joined the team but was unable to practice due to an old injury and went through rehabilitation and treatment. 

Campus police and university president Jim Ryan confirmed the shooting on Monday. Police have captured suspected shooter Christopher Darnell Jones Jr.  

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