What to eat to lose weight ?

Eat a low-carbohydrate diet to lose belly fat. Consume complex carbohydrates such as millet bread, oats, or brown rice.

Eat protein-rich foods. Include peanut butter in your daily diet. Chicken and fish are high in protein.

Another way to reduce obesity is with vitamins. Eat nuts, fruits, and leafy vegetables. Consume vitamin C in lemons, papayas, oranges, papayas, etc.

These are beneficial for those who want to lose weight because they burn fat.

Use soybean oil, olive oil, sesame oil, groundnut oil, etc. in your diet. But do not consume trans fats.

Drinking green tea in the morning before going to bed reduces obesity faster. Also, eat cherries at night before going to bed. Cherries help in weight loss. 

Cinnamon is useful for reducing obesity. It should be taken before breakfast or before bedtime.

Consume honey. The essential hormones in honey are considered to reduce appetite and promote weight loss. 

Drink plenty of water. Water controls appetite. Metabolism is badly affected due to lack of water, making the body unable to burn fat. 

Use black pepper in your diet. It helps to increase the thermogenic effect of food, which helps the body burn calories