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Walk of

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a noteworthy milestone that comprises in excess of 2,700 five-pointed terrazzo and metal stars implanted in the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Road and three blocks of Plant Road in Hollywood






The most important phase during the time spent getting a star affects an individual being selected under one of five classes: radio, movies, live execution/theater, TV, and recording.



The Walk of Fame is directed by the  Hollywood Chamber of Commerce which holds the brand name Freedom and is kept up by itself by funding Hollywood Notable Trust. It is a famous vacation spot, with an expected 10 million yearly guests in 2010.



Areas of individual stars are not really erratic. Stars of many especially notable superstars are tracked down before the TCL (previously Grauman's) Chinese Theater.

Starting around 2022, the Walk of Fame involves 2,725 stars, which are separated by 6-foot (1.8 m) spans. The landmarks are coral-pink terrazzo five-point stars rimmed with metal decorated into a charcoal-shaded terrazzo foundation.