What is Organic Farming ?  Its main benefits...

Organic farming is a modern agriculture that uses eco-based products that control the harmful effects caused by chemical fertilizers. 

Organic farming was introduced to balance the environment caused by the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. 

Organic farming is a new system of agriculture that repairs, maintains, and improves the environmental balance. 

Organic farming does not require any HYV seeds or pesticides for planting crops. Therefore, organic farming is less expensive. 

With the use of indigenous and cheap materials, a farmer can get good returns from organic farming. 

The demand for organic products is increasing all over the world, which generates more earnings through exports. 

Organic products are more nutritious, tastier, and healthier than chemical and fertilizer products. 

The cultivation of organic products is free of chemicals and fertilizers, making them environmentally friendly. 

The main benefits of organic farming 

– Environmentally friendly – Promotes sustainable development. -Tasty healthy food.

The main benefits of organic farming

* Cheaper processes. * Organic inputs are used *Generates income.

The main benefit of organic farming

* Generates income through exports. * Source of employment.