Vishwakarma Puja 2022

According to Hindu scriptures, when Brahma ji created the universe, then Lord Vishwakarma did the work of decorating it.

  He is considered to be the greatest and first engineer of this universe.  

The birth anniversary of Lord Vishwakarma is celebrated on the day of Kanya Sankranti.  

On this day people worship their tools and machines.  Machines and vehicles installed in factories are worshipped.

  It is believed that by worshiping Lord Vishwakarma and machines on this day, they keep running well.  Machines, vehicles do not get damaged again and again.

On the day of Vishwakarma Puja, take a bath early in the morning and wear clean clothes.  

Then install the idol or picture of Lord Vishwakarma at your workplace.  Then worship machines, tools, vehicles.