Debbie Rowe is the second wife of Michael Jackson . She is an American dermatology assistant.

Debbie met MJ while she is working as an assistant in Arnlod Klein's dermatology office. Where Jackson was being treated for vitiligo.

In 1996 Michael Jackson divorce from her first wife Lisa Marie Presley. Within of divorce Jackson married Debbie on Nov 14 .1996.

When MJ and Debbie married , Debbie was already Pregnant with their first child. On February 13,1997 their first child Michael Joseph Jackson Jr ,also known as Prince Michael was born.

The Next year Debbie Rowe gave birth to a daughter Paris Jackson . The second child Paris was born on April 3 , 1998.

Debbie Rowe, who described herself as a private person . After two child birth Debbie stated that she had been artificially inseminated and never had intercourse with Michael.

On October,1999 Michael and Debbie divorced. Debbie gave full custody rights of the childen to Jackson.

Debbie recieved $10 million settlement and a house in Beverly Hills, California. Jackson took single custody  of their Children.

After Jackson' death, in April 2014 Debbie announced that she was engaged to music producer Marc Schaffel.