The unknown Fact of Tesla car

Elon Musk has done his utmost to make the electric Tesla vehicle beautiful and technically advanced.

The Tesla X model has automatic door technology.

The door opens when you approach the vehicle with the keys to the Tesla Model X.  And the door closes automatically when you sit in the vehicle.

The Tesla electric variant model x has a 17-inch touchscreen, an Infotainment system, a Three-zone climate control system, ventilated seats in front, and two cordless pads for smartphone charging.

The Tesla has a 960-watt sound system.  There are 22 speakers to enjoy the beautiful music.

The company has launched two variants of the Tesla Model x, the long range and the played range.

The long range variant will get users Dual motor setup .  The company claims that the variant can cover a distance of 579 km on a single charge.

The second variant of the Tesla model x played range users will get tri motor setup.  The vehicle can cover a distance of 547 km on a single charge.

Both variants will be available with AWD. The Long range variant will accelerate from 0-96 kmph in 3.8 seconds and the Played range in 2.5 seconds.