The best entertainer of Batman ever, Kevin Conroy, died at 66

Most popular for voicing Batman on Warner Bros.' Kevin Conroy has passed on after a short fight with cancer. He was 66. 

According to his agent Gary Miereanu," Conroy died Thursday, shortly after he was diagnosed with cancer" 

"Batman: The Animated Series" initially circulated for 85 episodes on Fox kids from 1992-1995.

Kevin's profound, gravelly Batman voice was generally acclaimed by critics and comic book fans, with many seeing the entertainer as the authoritative Caped Crusader. 

Conroy was so darling for his Batman voice job that he continued with the character in different other DC projects, including "Batman: Arkham". 

The 2019 "Justice League" animated film is Conroy's last credited feature as Batman. 

His latest video game credit as Batman is Warner Bros.' "MultiVersus" from earlier this year. 

Conroy's voice acting was not limited to Batman. He likewise lendt his abilities to establishments, for example, "Scooby-Doo" and "Bosses of the Universe."