Tharoor Vs Gehlot or G-23 Vs Gandhi family 

 The Congress Presidential election is approaching.  Nominations will be filed from September 24 to 30.

Rahul Gandhi has been proposed by various states to be re-elected as the president.  But Rahul Gandhi has not made his side clear.

 Shashi Tharoor has already met Congress leader Sonia Gandhi and demanded the post of President.

Congress leader Ashok Gehlot is ready to challenge Shashi Tharoor.  The battle between the two leaders has become interesting.

Tharoor Vs Gehlot

The battle for the Congress Presidential election will be between the supporters of the Gandhi family Vs the G-23 group of the Congress.

Ashok Gehlot is a loyalist of the Gandhi family while Shashi Tharoor is a leader of the disgruntled G-23 faction of the Congress.

The fight will not be easy for Shashi Tharoor.  This is because most of the leaders of the G-23 group have already left the Congress.

 There are still many loyalists of the Gandhi family in the Congress.  This will make the fight easier for Ashok Gehlot.

 The next President of the Congress will be known only after the October 17 elections.  In two decades, the Congress will get a president outside the Gandhi family