Taylor swift uncovered "Midnights" Lyrics, Says She Fantasized About Revenge

Taylor swift has formally uncovered the primary verses from her album Midnights on a Spotify bulletin in Times Square.

Taylor swift says "I ought not be let alone… "

She's additionally shared two things that kept her up around evening time and powered the Midnights album: "Self-hatred" and "fantasizing about vengeance."

The expressive section is only one piece of the Midnights rollout, which Taylor shared more about via virtual entertainment early Monday morning.

This initial one, however little, as of now squeezes into the collection postulation she shared back when she previously reported Midnights.

She stated "We lay there restlessly enamored and in dread, in unrest, and in tears. We gaze at walls and drink until they talk back,"

Notwithstanding the verses, fans can anticipate her lead single, "Wannabe," which will have a music video that drops at 8 a.m. EST.

Taylor's Midnights delivery date is 12 a.m. EST on October 21, and that starts off a record of advancements.