Takeoff shooting, Houston police urge witnesses to help

Rapper Takeoff, an individual from the powerful, Atlanta-based rap bunch Migos, was shot and killed at a party held at a Houston bowling alley right off the bat Tuesday.

Houston police urge Witnesses to help in the lethal shooting of Takeoff. 

No less than 40 individuals were at the party when no less than two shooters started shooting, Houston Police chief Troy Finner said during a briefing. 

Police chief Troy Finner requested that witnesses call the police with data. 

The chief said police don't really accept that Ball was engaged in crime yet said the shooting was not an irregular occasion. 

Police have not offered a thought process in the shooting other than saying there was a contention at the party. 

"No less than two individuals were pulling triggers," Finner said. "Take my assertion, we will figure out who is mindful."

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner likewise argued for witnesses to approach. "We expect to settle this," 

Sylvester Turner said. "An excessive number of youthful individuals of color are winding up dead. Appeal to God for the family."