Pathaan trailer review... Actions, actions and only actions

Pathaan trailer is out now and by the first looks of it the movie is full of high octane actions. 

The trailer looks very promising with its visual effects, the action sequences do suggest that it's an out and out action dominated spy thriller. 

The trailer starts with the voice by Dimple Kapadia who explains about a terror group led by Jhon Abraham which wants to target India and destroy. 

Then enters Pathaan (SRK) and the first dialogue is "Party pathaan ke ghar rakhoge to mehmaannawazi ke liye Pathaan to aayega, aut pathaake bhi layega" 

The action sequences look just like action sequences from a high budget Hollywood flick with lots of VFX and CGI. 

After more than four long years, Shah Rukh Khan is back in the silver screen. 

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