Kantara has completed 50 days at the box office. How much did the film gross in total? 

Kantara, which was made with a budget of Rs 18 crore, is setting new records at the box office every day. 

The film was released in September The film recently completed 50 days at the box office. 

After 50 days, the audience is still flocking to theaters to see the film. The film has grossed Rs 377 crore worldwide. 

Kantara has grossed Rs 344 crore at the domestic box office while it has grossed Rs 33 crore overseas. 

The film has completed 50 days in theaters and the makers of the film have thanked the fans. 

Homble films, producer of Kantara, wrote, "This is the time of our divine festival. 

Thanks to the fans around the world who loved the film. I respectfully acknowledge your love. 

The film is still showing on 1000 screens. It is showing in India, US, UK, Australia, and UAE.