Jacqueline Fernandez will show up under the steady gaze of Delhi Court for a bail hearing tomorrow

Jacqueline Fernandez had obtained break bail in the coercion case highlighting affirmed conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar, last month.

Presently, the most recent turn of events, for this situation, is that Jacqueline will show up under the steady gaze of a Delhi Court for the becoming aware of her bail request that is forthcoming under the watchful eye of the court.

Since her name sprung up in the Sukesh Chandrasekhar case, Jacqueline has been helping out the concerned experts in the examination.

She additionally kept up with that she had no contribution in Chandrasekhar's issues and that she had not been associated with the cash matters.

She had first applied to lift travel limitations and get her identification cleared. Following that, she figured out how to get break bail somewhat less than a month prior. Presently, she will trust that her bail for the situation is finished tomorrow.

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