Hanuman Teaser Released : Hanuman has better VFX than Adipurush 

The teaser of director Prashant Verma's first All India Original Superhero film has been released. 

The 1.40-minute promo establishes the power of Lord Hanuman with some outstanding visuals. 

The teaser starts with Lord Hanuman chanting slogans and later introduces the hero (Teja Sajja) as a superhero. 

Later, a heavy-handed action block of the heroine (Amrita Iyer) rescuing the hero is displayed from a spectacular height. 

Later the scene shifts to the beginning of Baralakshmi Sarathkumar fighting the goons in a bridal getup. She has been seen in an intense avatar. 

The teaser concludes with Lord Hanuman chanting the name of Lord Sri Rama in deep water. 

Overall, the Hanuman teaser is excellent with some great graphics and VFX shots that reflect the director’s vision. 

It is touted to be one of the most iconic projects in Prashant Varma’s cinematic universe and is produced by K Niranjan Reddy under Prime show Entertainment. 

Hanuman is being made into a proper pan-India film, which will hit theaters in 2023 in Hindi as well as all southern languages.