Groundbreaking rapper Hurricane G has died

Sad news for the hip-hop community. Groundbreaking rapper Hurricane G died on Sunday. 

There are no details on the cause of Hurricane G’s death, but the hip-hop community has confirmed his death on social media.

Producer Domingo Padilla, who produced the All Women album in 1997, took to Instagram to express his condolences. 

Domingo wrote"So-and-so. To my good friend Hurricane G to get really sad news. I was blessed to know her and produce her first album. 

He added God bless her family and daughter.”

No cause of death has yet been confirmed, but Hurricane G's daughter, Lexus, previously revealed that her mother had lung cancer. 

Released in 1997, Hurricane G’s debut album All Women and lead single “Somebody Else” reached the top 10 of the Hot Rap Singles chart. 

2013 saw the release of Hurricane G’s last album, Mami & Papi with Thirstin Howl III.