Gallagher, Watermelon-Crushing Comedian, Is Dead at 76

Jokester Gallagher, most popular for his watermelon-Smashing parody normal and numerous well-known specials during the 1980s, passed on Friday morning.

He had been in weakness for some time, suffering various heart attacks throughout the long term. He was 76.

the jokester died "after a short well-being fight" and "died encompassed by his family in Palm Springs, California." 

Gallagher, born Leo Gallagher, turned into a commonly recognized name in the mid-'80s with a parody exceptional named "An Uncensored Night," the primary satire stand-up unique ever to air on digital TV. 

Gallagher would proceed to make 12 additional hourlong specials for the organization, as well as a few famous projects for HBO. 

Gallagher's most popular piece included a hand-made demo hammer he called the "Sledge-O-Matic," which he would use to crush food in front of an audience, showering the crowd.

His sledge's brand name victim was the watermelon. Gallagher likewise became renowned for his clever pleasantry and sharp observational satire. 

Gallagher, who was retired, is made due by his little girl, Aimee, and his child, Barnaby.