Director Shankar will be directing the biggest cinematic show after Baahubali with Ranbir Singh

Director S Shankar and superstar Ranveer Singh are collaborating with each other with an aim to create the biggest event in all-India cinema after Baahubali. 

The mammoth project will be based on the iconic Tamil epic novel Velpari, considered a milestone in Tamil literature. 

Superstar Ranveer Singh to helm this ambitious project. A grand cinematic adaptation based on the iconic Tamil epic Velpari. 

The novel has all the elements of a movie – from larger-than-life heroes to incredible life lessons, to a heartwarming love story. 

Velpuri will have up to awe-inspiring visual-effects sequences whose scale will set the next benchmark for action spectacles in India. 

The film will be made as a 3-part epic in multiple Indian languages. 

Director said, “It is not possible to cover all aspects of the vastness and complexity of the story in one film." 

Director Shankar has devised a script that lends itself to a three-part film. 

The producers plan to start shooting the first part of the film in mid-2023 next year.