Bollywood directors have made serious allegations against Sunny Deol 

Bollywood action hero Sunny Deol has been accused by a successful director. 

Actor Sunny Deol starred in films like Intekam, Lutere, and Ajay under his direction. 

Suneel Darshan, who has directed films like Intekam, and Ajay, has talks Sunny Deol about the embezzlement. 

Directors Sunil Darshan and Sunny Deol worked together in the 1996 film Ajay. The two had a disagreement during the production of the film. 

They are not worked together for a long time since then. Sunil Darshan has recently made explosive comments about Sunny Deol. 

"Sunny Deol is arrogant, he has been fighting me in court for 26 years," Sunil Darshan said in an interview. 

"Sunny Deol was short of money and wanted to work in my film. 

"Then the work on Ajay started. But Sunny kept postponing the date of the film and then the contracts expired," Sunil Darshan said. 

Sunil Darshan has accused Sunny Deol of leaving work of 'Ajay' halfway. The film was released without shooting the ending.