Aliens are roaming among people and kidnapping them from Earth , who is making this comment ?

Aliens are roaming the earth, kidnapping people. 

This is the terribly bold claim of a history professor specializing in ufology at Temple University in Pennsylvania.

The professor claimed"Not only are foreign hybrids walking among us", but they are also kidnapping people.

The professor who made this terrible claim is Dr. David Jacobs.

Jacobs has written several books on foreign abductions.

Speaking in Extraordinary: The Revelations, Dr. Jacobs claimed, "We are spreading around the world and conquering as much as we can. 

"We don't know if this is true for other entities, but it's certainly true for what humans do." 

He added"My best guess – and this is a guess – is yeah, they're doing the same thing." 

The professor went on to say that he has interviewed several kidnap survivors.  They were "told" by extraterrestrials that they would have "work" in the future.

Regarding the appearance of the aliens, Dr. Jacobs said, some of the abductees claimed to have encountered human-like beings in their UFOs.

Jacobs recalled: "What they described was that those on board who looked like really, really human, 

Aliens came down and tried to find out what it was like to walk among us, to be human."

Professor Dr. David Jacobs calls aliens superhuman.