Trump Predicts a Red Wave for him In US Election

Donald Trump, US Election


Trump Predicts a Red Wave for him In US Election


US President Donald Trump has predicted a massive Republican sweep in the November 3 elections, even as multiple polls have shown him trailing Democratic rival Joe Biden nationally and in many swing states.

“Polls numbers are looking very strong. Big crowds, great enthusiasm. Massive RED WAVE coming!!!” said the president in a tweet after four days of his re-election campaign this week, when he resumed his campaign rallies that were paused after he tested positive with Covid-19 on October 1.

“We are going to have a red wave,” Trump told his supporters in the Greenville city of North Carolina, a battleground states where some 10,000 people came to listen to him on a weekday afternoon.

“This is a hell of a crowd for 1:30 in the afternoon,” Trump said. “Our people want to go, they want to vote. It’s going to be a big, beautiful, red wave,” he said later in his speech.

Real Clear Politics tracker on Friday said that Biden’s national average lead was 8.9 percentage points against Trump. In the battleground states, Biden is leading by 4.5 percentage points, which is considered to be a significant one ahead of the polls.

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