Today horoscope (02/08/2020)


Today horoscope (02/08/2020)


Those into real estate are likely to strike it rich. You may find much improvement in the conditions of the workplace. An old ailment may get healed through home remedies. Some of you may feel happy with the changes brought about on the domestic front. A business trip will prove immensely successful and bring new opportunities in its wake. Acquiring a property is on the cards as a loan comes to you. Competition on the academic front is likely to get the better of you if you don’t get your act together. It is time to embrace spirituality to achieve peace of mind.
Love Focus: Love life proves most satisfying as you enjoy a better understanding with your partner.
Lucky Colour: Yellow
Lucky Alphabet: L
Friendly Numbers: 7, 5, 9


A favorable day is foreseen as far as your financial situation is concerned. The thing you had been hoping for is about to get accomplished on the professional front. Being choosy in eating can make a positive impact on health for some. Homemakers will have enough money to see the work to completion. Giving company to the one you love on a long journey is possible. Acquiring a flat or a house becomes a reality for some. You are about to taste success on the academic front.
Love Focus: You may not be able to muster enough courage to approach the one you love on the romantic front.
Lucky Colour: Peach
Lucky Alphabet: A
Friendly Numbers: 2, 15, 22


Intelligent investments on your part will help restore financial health. Your spirited performance will bring you to the notice of higher-ups at work. An ailment that is troubling you will show signs of disappearing through a new line of treatment. High spirits of a family member will prove contagious, bringing cheer to all. Those fond of travel is likely to have their wish fulfilled today. Good rent can be expected by property owners. Whatever preparations you have done for an exam or competition will be enough to see you through.
Love Focus: Romance is likely to give you immense joy as you get to spend the day with your lover.
Lucky Colour: Lavender
Lucky Alphabet: D
Friendly Numbers: 3, 6, 18


A regular dose of romance promises to keep you chirpy and rejuvenated. The good news about a sick family member will give you a sigh of relief. You manage to keep good health by adopting a better and healthier lifestyle. Those putting the property on the market can expect good returns, as the real estate market experiences an upswing. Your fair play will be much appreciated in a family situation. Accompanying someone on a trip will prove most exciting for some. Those in business are likely to reap rich dividends from a recent venture.
Love Focus: You may seek out someone special on the romantic front.
Lucky Colour: Silver
Lucky Alphabet: F
Friendly Numbers: 23,25


The figure and physique that you are trying to achieve is likely to become a reality with regular workouts. You may feel upbeat about an investment that you have put your money in recently. Spouse seems most cooperative now and will support your ideas. Acquiring a property is indicated for some. Increment that you had been awaiting is likely to be received now. Your impression on those who matter on the academic front is likely to get a boost. Those traveling with a specific purpose in mind will be able to achieve their aim.
Love Focus: You are likely to get a chance to share your innermost feelings with someone you feel close to.
Lucky Colour: Dark Blue
Lucky Alphabet: H
Friendly Numbers: 2,9, 14


A family member is likely to prove a great help around the house. You are simply going to love a trip with someone you get along with well. Self-control and an active life are likely to have positive fallout on your health. Learning additional skills will add to your income and prestige. You may not be too satisfied with whatever you achieve at work today. Those planning to buy a house will need to choose their options carefully. A scholarship or some monetary incentive may come your way through academic excellence. Formalities are likely to get completed to make you a proud owner of the property.
Love Focus: Those seeking love will have luck favoring them today.
Lucky Colour: White
Lucky Alphabet: L
Friendly Numbers: 21,23


Your achievement can make the family proud. Your performance in a competition is likely to open many doors for you. Some of you may need to change your daily routine. Your foresight is likely to see your assets and wealth multiply. You are likely to build your reputation at work by good PR and networking. Chance to add to your list of properties by buying an apartment or a freehold house is indicated. You will manage to remain fit and energetic by giving periodic breaks to your regular exercise regime.
Love Focus: Bluntness on the love front may put paid to your romantic aspirations.
Lucky Colour: Turquoise
Lucky Alphabet: N
Friendly Numbers: 9, 27


Window shopping with a partner will not only be pleasurable but also enhance togetherness. An adventurous activity will prove most exciting for some. Property owners will be able to rent out their premises for handsome returns. Things that appeared confusing, in the beginning, will start becoming clearer now on the academic front. Investment planning is likely to multiply your wealth. Some kind of recognition awaits you on the professional front. Those worried will get positive indications on the health front.
Love Focus: Romantic thoughts are likely to overwhelm you and ignite passions today.
Lucky Colour: Grey
Lucky Alphabet: N
Friendly Numbers: 2, 5, 18


Good eating habits will help you in keeping minor ailments at bay. The day seems profitable as some of you are likely to make a killing at the stock market. A tricky problem on the domestic front will need to be successfully resolved. On the academic front, you will be able to catch up with the front runners. Booking a property at a bargain price, with perks thrown in, is possible. Enhance your focus in order to make you excel in the sports arena. This is an excellent day when you achieve much on the professional front.
Love Focus: Love tugs at your heart, so expect a cozy evening with sweetheart today.
Lucky Colour: Violet
Lucky Alphabet: N
Friendly Numbers: 5, 9, 18


A brief journey with the family will prove the most entertaining. Some of you are likely to enjoy a long drive today, maybe to meet someone related to you. A property is likely to come into your name, as you are able to complete the paperwork. Good earning will make you splurge and enjoy life in general. You will be irrepressible at work as your logic and persuasive powers conquer all opposition. You manage to achieve perfect health through self-motivation and hard work. On the academic front, you may be adjudged the best in your field. Don’t let romance interfere with your performance.
Love Focus: Romantic feelings will find you ever closer to your mate.
Lucky Colour: Cream
Lucky Alphabet: N
Friendly Numbers: 5, 15, 10


Some of you can plan a short break just to enjoy the season. You are likely to have your cake and eat it too on the financial front. You are likely to prove your mettle on the professional front and make others look up to you as their leader. An excellent property offer that fits your pocket may become difficult to refuse. Something that is of advantage to you is likely to happen on the academic front. Perfect health will enable you to enjoy an evening out to the hilt! The family front will become the most happening place soon, as some of you go about organizing a do at your place.
Love Focus: An old love interest is likely to make an appearance soon and set your heart aflutter!
Lucky Colour: Lemon
Lucky Alphabet: N
Friendly Numbers: 15, 17


Your helping hand on the domestic front will appear a godsend to family. The financial condition that was down in the dumps sometime back, improves substantially. There is a good chance of being entrusted with a prestigious project on the professional front. If a vacation is on your mind, this is an excellent day to set out for it. Acquiring a prime property or taking up residence in a posh locality is indicated for some. Your attempts to curry favor with those who matter on the academic front will succeed. A spot of bad health that had been troubling you lately is likely to become a thing of the past.
Love Focus: Setting out on a romantic journey is on the cards for those seeking love.
Lucky Colour: Navy Blue
Lucky Alphabet: N
Friendly Numbers: 6, 18
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