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Tips to keep your smartphone secure and fast

Smartphones have become dearest and most precious to us second only to our parents. So it also needs utmost care and maintenance for the smartphone to last long.

Here are a few tips to keep your smartphone healthy-
#Avoid charging and using your phone at the same time.

You may not notice the difference but it sure does put a lot of strain on the phone trying to maintain its body temperature.

#Avoid using third-party apps and illegal sites.

You may have been warned by many people and tech nerds not to use third-party apps or sites but no; we are “Mr. nothing will happen to me”. Third-party applications secretly use your phone data and you are at risk of losing your privacy.

#Remove charger wrapper.

This is not related to your phone but the charger and that’s important cause this is the only thing that charges your phone. The thin plastic coating in the charger can lead your charger to overheat thereby causing long-term problems So it’s better to remove the coating. And also use dedicated phone chargers, using other chargers will certainly charge the phone but it won’t be compatible and can cause heating issues.

#Try not to use fancy 3D wallpapers.

While they may be appealing to the eyes but they certainly consume a lot of battery. Of course, if battery drainage is not an issue then you can continue using it.

This is all for now. Comment if you want more advanced tips.

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