The Social Status of Women in the Tribal Society in Arunachal Pradesh, enlightened by Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi-(3)

The Social Status of Women among the Tribal Society in Arunachal Pradesh, enlightened by Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi 

The Social Status of Women in the Tribal Society in Arunachal Pradesh, enlightened by Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi-(3)

The days-long have gone. Thuban is able to know that the woman who lived in that house is very beautiful.

Her name is Lochang Doima or Lochang Budhi. She killed her son and daughter along with four others .

That’s why all hate her, she is recognized as a poisonous woman’. In the local language, she is an abstruse’Doumo’.

He is also able to know that Lochang Doima is a relative of Tachi Yodan and she calls her aunt. On other hand, her husband Changra Dorjee or Changra Budha is his own uncle, brother of Thupten’s father.

The incident of killing her daughter was published in the February issue of 1965 of ‘Dharmayug’ -a Hindi magazine. The incident was described there with a photograph of a charming and young beautiful lady. However, Lochang Douma was sentenced to imprisonment in Tezpur Jail.

Lochan Budhi considers herself a sinner woman by killing her own child. According to this, God created them as poisonous virgins in the next birth for the great sins committed in the previous birth.

She was in great shock and deep inferiority complex. In fact, all Pancenpa women are victims of complex, hatred and curses.

But what is the scientific basis for the poisoning of such a girl or woman?

Both Thupten and Tachi start a mission to bring awareness among the hill tribes against these baseless superstitions. They visit the houses of such women and motivate them to trim nails, wash hands with soap, use the latrine, etc.

Hygiene is the key to keeping people healthy, simultaneously inculcating a scientific mindset among the people so that blind faith can be eradicated. In this context, the relationship between Thupten and Yodan is deepening.

Mr. Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi elaborates on the issues as clearly as all can grow the scientific point of view on prejudice, and deep-rooted strong beliefs among the tribes.

Other hands, he also accurate the ideas of involvement of women in administration, social reforms, etc. to spread the scientific views on blind beliefs among the tribes.

Social Status or simply status, is the relative rank that an individual holds, with attendant rights, duties, and lifestyle, in a social hierarchy based upon honor or prestige.

According to the German sociologist Max Weber

‘Status refers to a person’s relative level of respectability and social honor.’
In the novel by Yeshe Dorjee

Thongchi, arises some social problems like poisonous women among the Panchen Monpa. The women are thought to be killers, witch.

They are hated by all kinds of people. They have no values in society. They have to stay in a corner when other people come to their house.

“……….Any man should not eat anything from our hand, because it is believed that Panchenpa women have evil powers in their eyes sights and the food items become poisons. Slowly the stomach of the eater begins to get sick and ultimately collapses.” 2

Really it is a curse of society for that wretched woman. This curse is showered upon the women for an unknown time.

Not only Lochang Budhi, Pema khuri, and there are another minimum of seven Doumos in the village Khublethang. Being a Panchen girl,

Tachi understands the sorrows of Panchen women.

“We the Panchenpa women always have to bow our heads. Otherwise, the lust that comes out of our eyes can do injustice to other eaters. That’s why I got into the habit of eating by lowering my head, eyes focused only on my plate of food.” 3

This kind of superstition has been spreading due to a lack of knowledge and education. Thuptan and Tachi

Yodan, both are aware of the fact.

The article described in the magazine, Dharmayug, about the incident was not a premeditated murder but an accident and that the accident was due to the negligence of the killer Ama Lochan.

It is said that the poison was applied to the armpit to extract the Laopani. Due to their carelessness, the amount of poison increased, which led to the death of two of her own children.

The seized Laopani was sent to a forensic laboratory and, according to the report, aconite was found in Laopani.

Therefore, Tachi started a mission to change the mindset and old thoughts of the people. The tribal women do not trim their nails. They have to work in fields.

They do not wash their hands. Therefore many kinds of bacteria and fungus grow in their nails. Creating a colony they enter the human body with food and produce many kinds of ailments.

Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi depicts another naked truth regarding the prey of dear, bear, tiger, etc in the direct insistence of administrative officers of Jimithang.

” My intelligence has revealed that paramilitary personnel patrolling the Sino-Indian border are involved in poaching. Intelligence officers steal to monitor Chinese troops’ activities.

The hunters are sent to the inaccessible high mountains of the border to kill the musk deer, bears, etc. roaming there, and the musk navel, the bile of the bear is bought from the poachers at a lower price and sold at a higher price in the market.

According to some, this time Changlu has twenty-nine musk, thirteen bear bile; Darja has twenty-two musk, eighteen bile; Sarthe has fifteen musks, twelve bile of them have sold to paramilitary organizations.”4

He raises the curtains of the voluminous greed of the army and administrative personnel in a strong voice against unlawful activities.

Thongchi reveals a conspiracy of religious leaders of Tibetan Gompas through Tachi Yodan. Tibetan administrator Khenpowe, created some documents on land where disputes have arisen for many years between Gichpu and Shakti villages.

It was not easy to come to a conclusion by reading the document and it was the root of intolerance for both villagers for many years. The document was called Gamza. Being an intelligent girl, Tachi Yodan concluded the line of land for both villages.

” the separate pages of the same document thirty-three years ago, strategically divided the two villages so that there would be future land disputes between the uneducated
villagers .”

Thus Tachi becomes a “Lamu” among the villagers. Lamu means Deity.
We see that marriage is simple in Monpa society.

There is no demand for the bride. Tachi and Thuptan start married life simply. In Loser, Tachi invites all Panchenpa girls of Jimithang.

Panchenpa girls prepare a feast and service to all. It is certainly a bold step to eradicate the concept of Doumo or Poison women.

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Dr. R.K Bezbaruah, Tezpur.


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