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The celebration of Manak Mahotsav kicks off in Guwahati

The celebration of Manak Mahotsav kicks off in Guwahati

Bureau of Indian Standards, Govt. of India” will be celebrating World Standards Day ‘Manak Mahotsav’ on 14th October 2022 all over India.

As a run-up to the event Quality Walk was organized in association with NEAID a local Non-Profit Partner on 12th October 2022 from 9 am to 10 am, starting from Geetanagar High School Field to BSF Camp Geeta Mandir and covering a distance of 2 km.

Hon’ble MLA from the local Dispur Constituency Shri Atul Bora graced the occasion and flagged off the event. Sh Sabyasachi Dhar Head, BIS Guwahati welcomed him with a shawl. ShMeraj, Co-founder of NEAID was also present during the occasion.

The celebration of Manak Mahotsav kicks off in Guwahati

Hon’ble MLA during the inaugural speech emphasized the fact that “Citizens of the country should ensure procuring good quality products conforming to standards to avoid being cheated and future repentance”.

A water purifier was donated by the organizers viz BIS and NEAID to “Geeta Nagar High School” through Hon’ble MLA Sh Atul Bora which will help in providing pure water to the students as it is one of the goals under the “Sustainable Development Goals” Identified by the World Body.

Sh Sabyasachi Dhar Head BIS Guwahati informed that members of the IEC, ISO and ITU celebrate “World Standards Day”, every year on 14 October 2022 which is a means of paying tribute to the collaborative efforts of thousands of experts worldwide who develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as “International Standards”.

Bureau of Indian Standards being the National Standards Body represents the national interests in the international standardization forum and hence celebrates World Standards Day in India with the same objective in mind.

The theme of this year’s Manak Mahotsav celebration is ‘Shared Vision for a better world’ which in short shows the way to achieve the above goals through mutual cooperation.

Standards play a major role in achieving sustainability by guiding us to use products that are recyclable, environment-friendly, less energy-consuming, safe, and not harmful to our health.

The celebration of Manak Mahotsav kicks off in Guwahati

It reduces monopoly in the market by establishing a standard that if achieved ensures fitness for the purpose and creates a level playing field for all manufacturers big or small.

In India, the ISI mark on a product ensures that the product meets the requirements of the standard while the Hallmark of Gold Jewellery with three marks viz BIS Logo, Cartage, and HUID(Hallmark Unique ID) ensures the purity of Gold Jewellery.

The BIS Care app, which can be downloaded from the play store can be used to check the authenticity of the product and Jewellery by verifying the corresponding license number and HUID.

Sh Meraj Co-founder of NEAID gave the vote of thanks. Around 100 volunteers participated in the event.

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