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Tesla cancelled recruitments

Tesla owner Elon Musk has canceled three online recruitment events in China scheduled for this month. Musk threatened job cuts at Tesla last week as he believes that some departments are overstaffed.

The three positions for recruitment canceled are R&D, Sales, and Supply Chain scheduled for June 16, 23, and 30. More than 200 job slots were posted on the Chinese messaging app WeChat, which were listed as closed on Thursday without giving any reason.

Last week, in a leaked email by Elon he mentions job cuts by 10%. In the same email, Musk stated that Tesla would reduce its headcount as it had become overstaffed in many areas. He mentioned that the hourly headcount would increase. Musk also clarified that people building cars, battery packs, or solar won’t be fired.

Musk is getting strict as he has a bad feeling about the economy; he mentioned that no more work from home will be allowed and those who have problems with this can leave the company.

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