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Taaza Khabar… Bhuvan Bam is just not a Youtuber, he is beyond that.

Taaza Khabar… Bhuvan Bam is just not a Youtuber, he is beyond that.

Produced by:– BB ki Vines
Directed by: – Himank Gaur
Story: – Aziz Dalal
Screenplay: – Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal
Cast:– Bhuvan Bam, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Nithya Mathur, Prathamesh Parab, Deven Bhojani, Shilpa Shukla, J. D. Chakraborthy, and others.

About Taaza Khabar…

Taaza Khabar has just been released, and it has already been getting some positive and a bit of negative response.

It’s a 6 episode webseries produced and acted by Bhuban Bam. It’s a fictional story about rags to riches, more like a fantasy story set in the slums of Mumbai.

Bhuvan Bam is in the lead role along with some amazing and proven actors in it. It is made with more realistic way than any other fantasy story but a twist of miracle in it.

Who is Bhuvan Bam?

Taaza Khabar... Bhuvan Bam is just not a Youtuber, he is beyond that.

Bhuvan Bam is an Indian Youtuber, actor, comedian, writer, singer and songwriter.

He is known for his comedy channel in YouTube called BB Ki Vines. He is one of the first YouTube content creator from India.

He has more than 26 million subscribers in his YouTube channel. His total combined views are more than 4.85 billions.

He is one of the highest earning youtuber from India. He is extremely popular with the youths across India and in the world.

He won the Filmfare award for his short film ‘Plus Minus’ in the year 2019. He was also nominated for the Filmfare OTT award for the best actor for the comedy webseries ‘Dhindhora’.

The Story and the plots of Taaza Khabar…

Bhuvan Bam becomes Vasant or Vatsya as he is popularly called. He is the collector of a pay to use public toilet.

His life is extremely miserable with problems everywhere. His alcoholic father puts more misery in his life, but he does have hid loving mother who works in people’s houses to earn money.

His mother loves him so much that she is ready to steal money to give a gift to her son on his birthday.

Vasant aka Vatsya is good hearted and a loving person. He has a love of his life too, Madhu, a prostitute.

Taaza Khabar... Bhuvan Bam is just not a Youtuber, he is beyond that.

Vatsya keeps dreaming about becoming rich one day and take out his mother and his lover from the extreme miserable life they are in now.

One fine day, for helping an old person his life changes. Is he able to fulfill his dreams?

If at all he does what are the consequences? That’s the story and executed almost amazingly well.

There is a miracle angle too which is beautifully thought and written. Watch it to know the full story.

Cast and crews..

Bhuvan Bam, one of the first Youtuber from India does exceedingly well as Vasant.

His looks and antics as an extremely lower class youth in terms of financial situation and lifestyle, he portrays every bit of it with his acting skills.

No one would believe that he is the same youtuber who performs some obnoxious characters in his channel.

He is brilliant all throughout the series. His character changes according to situations and in every situation he hits out of the park with his amazing acting talent.

Now we can safely say that Bhuvan Bam is just not a youtuber, he is beyond that. Shriya Pilgaonkar, who plays Madhu, the sex worker and the love interest of Vasant does exceedingly well too.

Taaza Khabar... Bhuvan Bam is just not a Youtuber, he is beyond that.

She not only looks beautiful but she does portrays her character very well also.

The other actors are Nithya Mathur as Vasant’s mother, Deven Bhojani, Prathamesh Parab, Shilpa Shukla and J. D. Chakrabothy. All were perfectly cast in their characters.

Himank Gaur is the director and there is no fault in his direction. Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal have written the screenplay and the screenplay does seem a bit narrowed to some extent.

Another episode or two might have been created to give the series more edge. Well, that’s the only issue one could find otherwise it’s very watchable.

Cinematography by Debashis Remi Dalai, cinematography is top notch, Dalai captured every bit of the series wonderfully well through his cameras.

Mumbai slums look as genuine as those are. Music by Jarvis Menezes, music too is brilliant, couple of short songs are also included and those are not only add to story but put impetus to it too.

Overall the series is very much watchable as well as enjoyable.

Where to watch?

Taaza Khabar has been being streamed on Disney+ Hotstar from 6th of January 2023.

The 6 series show contains episodes which are almost 30 minutes long and perfect for binge watching.


Due to the emergence of various OTT platforms in India, the genuine and lesser known talents from every part of India have the platforms to showcase their talents now.

This series is no different, who would have thought a youtuber like Bhuvan Bam could have been cast in a series like this?

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Certainly it’s surely not a perfect series but at least his acting skills are in full show in this show. Similarly, Shriya Pilgaonkar is a great talent, she should be in the movies as leading lady of some movies, she could give a run for the money to some of the female actors in the movie industry for sure.

Anyway we could see the growth of their careers, and hopefully they will keep getting good opportunities in coming future too.

By Nandan Chetry

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