Speed trials during the lockdown, Badarpur to Agartala will now take four hours


Speed trials during the lockdown, Badarpur to Agartala will now take four hours

Speedy Trial. A new development initiative of Indian Railways. It can be called a routine check-up. Speed trials are done by running the engine on the tracks in different routes to see how far the speed can be increased from the previous mark. The exact speed with which a train can run on a specific track is examined. Such a speed trial was conducted on Friday and Saturday in the Chandranathpur-Badarpur-Kumarghat route. Previously trains used to run at 70 km/ph speed in this route. Now this speed will be increased to 100 km/ph. Very soon an official notice will be posted about this increase in speed. Now it would take only four hours to travel from Badarpur to Agartala, which earlier took six hours.

Shri Dinesh Kumar, DEN 5 / LMG, Shri Abolish jorwal, DEN 2 LMG, and S. Umesh, IRTS, ARM BPB of NF Railways took part in this speed trial on Friday. The trial was led by S Umesh, Area Railway Manager in Badarpur. The trial was first done from Chandranathpur to Badarpur and then back from Badarpur to Chandranathpur. Saturday the trial was conducted from Chandranathpur to Kumarghat. S Umesh informed that today the trial was done with an engine and an observation car in the Chandranathpur-Badarpur-Kumarghat route. The speed was determined section-wise over the number of trials. The speed at which passenger and freight goods train can travel from one state to another through this was examined. He mentioned not to see this trial as a test of whether the tracks are working during the rainy season. He also informed that this is called a “phased planned work” in railway technical terms and the section remains working at all times. Umesh also informed that earlier there was permission to run trains at 70 km/ph in this route. The track maintains work has been going on since the past one month during Lockdown. This trial was conducted to check if the repairing work was done properly and it has been successful. Now trains will run at 100 km/ph in this route. Official notice regarding this new speed will be issued very soon, informed S Umesh.

Indranil Dutta, Haflong,Ne India News


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