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South Korean gathering NCT’s sub-unit part Jungwoo tried positive for Covid-19

As indicated by Korean newspaper Soompi, the gathering’s mark SM Entertainment declared on June 1 Jungwoo’s conclusion, giving an authority explanation. “Hi, this is SM Entertainment. NCT’s Jungwoo was determined to have COVID-19 today (June 1),” the assertion started. That’s what the organization informed “Jungwoo tried negative on the PCR test he went through prior to leaving Japan, however as per COVID-19 guidelines, he went through PCR testing once more in the wake of getting back to Korea, and those experimental outcomes returned positive.”

“Jungwoo recently got three portions of the COVID-19 immunization, and he isn’t as of now displaying a specific side effects,” the assertion proceeded. “Right now, he has stopped his booked exercises and is all holing up as per the rules of government wellbeing specialists. The organization additionally educated that “all of the other NCT 127 individuals beside Jungwoo tried negative on the PCR tests they went through after their appearance in Korea.”

“Our organization will rigorously stick to the guidelines of wellbeing specialists, and we will consider our craftsman’s wellbeing and security our main concern as we do our most extreme to assist him with zeroing in altogether on his recuperation. Much obliged to you,” the assertion closed.

In the mean time, NCT127 as of late started their Japanese vault visit ‘Neo City: The Link’. The gathering has proactively performed one show in Vantelin Dome Nagoya, two shows in Tokyo Dome and are at present preparing for the last two shows in Kyocera Dome Osaka on June 25 to 26.

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