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Sita Ramam, the movie for the soul.

Sita Ramam, the movie for the soul.

Sita Ramam, This movie is kind of a beautiful dream, a fairy tale, feels like Shakespeare has written it.

It was released on Hotstar this Friday and many would be cursing themselves now for missing it in Silver Screen, me included.

Sita Ramam, This movie is a pure visual delight, not only for the heart but for the soul too.

The love story is totally different than any movie ever made on love.

Sita Ramam, the movie for the soul.

It’s absolutely sure that whoever would watch it would be totally immersed in it.

If one has Hotstar just watch it for just 15 minutes and I am sure no one would leave it until it finishes.

The unique story and the way it is told are magical. It will leave a lasting impression long after one finishes watching it.

Mrunal Thakur as Sita (there is a twist in the name), Dalqueer Salman as Ram, and Rashmika Mandhana as Afreen who is an extremely rude, arrogant, and spoiled young girl are so good in their performances.

Sita Ramam, the movie for the soul.

Sita Ramam, The movie starts as if it’s a war thriller and a fight against terrorism but as it unfolds its cards minute by minute it takes a lot of turns which is so engaging and exciting.

The serene visuals of Kashmir are just poetry to the eyes, wonderfully captured by the cinematographer, background score with the storyline is mesmerizing.

Set in the sixties the movie does give that feel of India. Costumes are carefully designed to portray the time.

Mrunal Thakur’s look is just unbelievably beautiful, never thought she could look that beautiful.

One has to be ready to shed lots of tears, especially in the climax.

Sita Ramam, the movie for the soul.

The entire family can watch it together as there is not a single scene that could be uncomfortable to watch with a family.

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Dalqueer Salman looks so charming yet is a very strong character.
His ethics and the way he carries himself in his character he does look like a real Ram in the true sense.


His best performance to date undoubtedly. Rashmika Mandhana in her extended cameo is just perfect.

Sita Ramam, the movie for the soul.

Many people who hate watching love stories would surely change their minds after watching it.

They have no fault actually as there are very few interesting love stories made in the form of a movie in recent times.

Strongly recommended, just watch Sita Ramam without any doubt and feel the power of Love.

Sita Ramam, the movie for the soul.

Nandan Chetry

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