Popular South actor ND Prasad commits suicide

Popular South actor ND Prasad commits suicide

Popular South actor ND Prasad committed suicide on June 25. His body was found hanging on a tree outside his house in Kalamassery. The body was first found by his two children and immediately rescued by his wife and children. The neighbors instantly reported the police after they were informed of the incident.

ND Prasad was a popular Malayalam actor who acted in many Malayalam films, but he got recognition after his performance in the movie Action Hero Biju where he played an antagonist.

According to a report, he committed suicide because of the family issues he was dealing with.
As reported by a police officer ” He has been going through some mental and domestic issues. His wife has also been staying away from him for some months. He seemed to have been feeling depressed for the last few days before his death.”

He has had some criminal records in the past involving drug consumption and possession of armed weapons. He was arrested in 2021 for possessing 2.5 grams of Hashish oil and 15 grams of Ganja.

After the post-mortem, the body of ND Prasad was returned to his family on June 26.

National Desk, Ne India News.


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