PF Demand for immediate final talks on Sepoerate District :: L.Hlima Keivom


PF Demand for immediate final talks on Sepoerate District:L.Hlima Keivom

The Indigenous People’s Forum (IPF) has been demanding for creation of a separate Autonomous District with a separate Autonomous Council since a decade back in the wake of the renaming of the North Cachar Hills district on a communal line as Dima Hasao after the derivative of Dimasa thereby making us strangers in our ancestral land.

Indigenous People’s Forum (IPF) Secretary L.Hlima Keivom
said NEIndiaNews that A good deal of steps has been initiated from Govt side: setting up of a Task Force under the chairmanship of Sri. P.P. Varma, IAS (retd. Chief Secretary, GoA) again, GoMC under the chairmanship of Minister Sri Prithibi Maji Task Force.
The announcement for the creation of a separate district has also been made during the Budget Session of 2019-2020.
A Talks between the IPF and the GoA was also held on the 17th of February last where it was declared from the Govt. side that the Final Talks would be held on the following 24th of February last, which however could not be materialised as yet.He also said, We feel that the Govt. of Assam is little serious about our grievances and Demand as, even after creating as many as 7 (seven) other districts in the state since the emergence of our Demand, our Demand is yet to be fulfilled. Hence, after discussing seriously about our Demand, the IPF in its Executive Meeting at Songpijang yesterday ie on 18/08/2020(Tues) resolved to intensify agitation programmes if our serious grievances and genuine Demand are not given immediate due consideration. We earnestly request the Govt. of Assam to kindly arrange immediately the pending Final Talks on our Demand to bring about amicable solution.

Haflong, Indranil Dutta, Ne India


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