Peace committee formed in Dima Hasao


Peace committee formed in Dima Hasao

In an effort to maintain peace in the district and concerned over the undesirable incidence that might occur due to recent scuffle during bandh called by some organisation on 11th Feb last, a peace committee was constituted under the initiative of the district administration at the conference hall of Haflong circuit house.

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Commissioner, Amitabh Rajkhowa in presence of Superintendent of Police, Bir Bikram Gogoi and Commandent, 11 Assam Rifles, Col. R S Rawat, for constituting a peace committee.

Representatives of All Apex Bodies Co-ordination Committee, representatives from Apex Bodies of various communities, students’ organizations, merchants’ association of Haflong and media participated during the discussion.  

Addressing the people present Deputy Commissioner said that there cannot be any solution by resorting to violence. He said, “By such unconstitutional acts only peace and tranquility of the district is hampered disturbing the peaceful coexistence of the various communities dwelling here since several years”.

Appreciating the cooperation of the public while mitigating the incident that could have turned even worse, SP Bir Bilkram Gogoi said, “Solution to any demands which might be long standing issues or short put forward by the people should be constitutional, democratic and legal. Calling bandh and resorting to violence cannot be acceptable and the Hon’ble Supreme Court has already put a ban on such activities”.  Clearly conveying that anyone found guilty of going against law or involving in any sort of illegal activities that includes rumor mongering messages will be strictly dealt and face legal actions.

Col. R S Rawat requested all people to continue living harmoniously and chose the path of conflict while solution may derive through dialogues.

The representatives of all communities also expressed their desire for peace and brotherhood among people of all communities including non tribals too. During the meeting the representatives of all communities assured that they will conduct meetings and appeal to all to their respective people esp the youth community not to spread enmity and violence.

During the meeting it was jointly agreed that social media be utilized responsibly and to 

void any comments that might hurt the sentiments of the other person esp. belonging to another community. The Peace committee will be formally constituted once names of the members from all communities are received.

Bubun Dutta, Haflong, NE India


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