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Patient jumps off a Hospital in Kolkata

Patient jumps off a Hospital in Kolkata

A mentally unstable patient identified as Sudhir Adhikari jumped off the eighth floor of the Institute of Neuroscience Hospital in Kolkata on Saturday.

The hospital authorities, police, and fire brigade everyone tried to rescue the patient but had a hard time trying to save him as he did not allow anyone to go near him.
A hydraulic ladder was brought to bring him down but every time the ladder tried to get near him, he tried to jump.

Unfortunately, they were unable to rescue him and the latter fell off at around 1:10 pm and hit the cornice of the floors below at least twice before landing on the ground as reported by the officials.
The hospital staff also said; he was very critically injured and his skull, rib cage, and left hand were badly damaged.

Fire Officer Shubhankar Ghosh stated “He wasn’t saying anything as to why he was sitting there but was not allowing people in uniform to approach him. We had placed several mattresses, net. His treatment is ongoing.”

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