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Pathaan trailer review… Actions, actions and only actions…

Pathaan trailer review… Actions, actions, and only actions…

Pathaan trailer is out now and by the first looks of it the movie is full of high octane actions.

From the Yash Raj’s spy universe, the movie stars Sharukh Khan as the protagonist, Deepika Padukone with him as an accomplish and Jhon Abraham as the antagonist.

The trailer looks very promising with its visual effects, the action sequences do suggest that it’s an out and out action dominated spy thriller.

The countdown has begun, the teaser of Pathaan is ready to released

Actions look high class but it’s the story and the screenplay which make any movie engaging and intriguing.

Does Pathaan also have an interesting story and engaging screenplay?

Well, we shall get to know on 25th of this month when the movie comes out in theatres near us.

Spy thrillers are always amazing to watch and we certainly hope this one would be no different too.

After more than four long years, Shah Rukh Khan is back in the silver screen. This time in Sidharth Anand directed film Pathaan.

Pathaan trailer review... Actions, actions and only actions...

Pathaan is an undercover agent who tries to save India from a terrorist outfit.

The trailer starts with the voice by Dimple Kapadia who explains about a terror group led by Jhon Abraham which wants to target India and destroy.

And to fight against the terror outfit, Pathaan is recalled and he has to end his exile.

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Then enters Pathaan (SRK) and the first dialogue is “Party pathaan ke ghar rakhoge to mehmaannawazi ke liye Pathaan to aayega, aut pathaake bhi layega” (if the party is in Pathaan’s home, Pathaan will certainly come to host, and will bring fireworks too).

The action sequences look just like action sequences from a high budget Hollywood flick with lots of VFX and CGI.

Pathaan had been in news for quite a sometimes for good and bad reasons both.

Pathaan trailer review... Actions, actions and only actions...

The teaser released November, last year and instantly a hit with the masses, but when the first song ‘Besharam Rang’ came out, it got into controversies immediately as Deepika wore a Saffron color bikini which was not liked by the right wing groups and political parties.

It reached a level that political parts went on for protests across the country to ban the song and also the movie.

Some heated debates in newsrooms of the news channels followed too. Now it seems everything has calmed down and their is no hindrance in smooth release of the movie.

Time will tell if anything more comes out after the release of the movie.

Pathaan trailer review... Actions, actions and only actions...

The movie also stars Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana in pivotal roles. Salman Khan is also in the movie performing a cameo but he is missing in the trailer.

Makers cleverly did not reveal Salman Khan’s character in the movie as that will make more curiosity among audiences.

Shah Rukh Khan is back after more than four years, his fans have been missing him and are delighted to see him back, but his last few movies could not perform well in the box office in India.

Can he change his fortunes with Pathaan?

And also the fortunes of the Hindi Film industry? Time will tell surely.

Pathaan trailer review... Actions, actions and only actions...

Hindi cinema industry, or bollywood as they call it needs some blockbuster hits to come back into the track as it used to be before the pandemic, and this movie seems the perfect one to change the fate of bollywood.

With the touch of patriotism in the movie and the Republic Day weekend around, this is the win win situation for the makers.

Only bad story, bad script and bad screenplay could ruin it fortunes. Let’s wait and watch what happens.

Pathaan trailer review, Actions, actions, and only actions

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