Nisha Rawal announces a hunger strike for the sake of all the inmates in reality show Lock Upp


Lock Upp started with a bang and 13 VIP candidates were presented by having Kangana Ranaut on the show in the debut episode. These contenders are good to go to mix a few eyeballs with their disputable follows up on the show. The unscripted TV drama which began an exceptionally disputable note, had claims heaved on some and some bitter some changes that happened right on the stage
Presently, here’s a most recent update from the show wherein Nisha Rawal has allegedly declared a craving strike and she has gigantic help from the detainees. The entertainer, who needs the fundamental things to be rewarded everybody (for example every one of the 13 detainees) who was seized from them while they were entering the prison. They were given the decision of simply choosing three basics prior to going into the house. The hunger strike has most likely reestablished a portion of their fundamentals yet Nisha, who is battling for the essential privileges of the relative multitude of prisoners and demanding her desired truth everybody’s things to be reestablished back as they are fundamental and goal.
The entertainer has gone on with the appetite strike and in the midst of this, the detainees were asking her to suspend the strike yet she was unyielding and attempted to settle on everybody comprehend about her choice and has wouldn’t surrender till everybody’s things are reestablished.
On the debut night, the entertainer was barbecued by a couple of media agents for attempting to depict guiltlessness yet, in actuality, she isn’t. Nisha took care of the multitude of inquiries furiously and expressed that she would open more regarding her life inside the Lock Upp.


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