Mr. Pranab KR Nath A talented artist has emerged from the North East, Tripura

Pranab KR Nath


Mr. Pranab KR Nath A talented artist has emerged from the North East, Tripura

Mr. Pranab KR Nath A talented artist has emerged from the North East, Tripura. Art in various forms has inspired generations. Artists with their skills and charms have enchanted every age In the modern world, the development of technology has brought various forms of art in the grasp of everyone to relish. People mostly youngsters spend a large amount of time watching videos for entertainment.

Youtube and various social media platforms have made the world a small arena. The consumption of commercial films is increasing exponentially. Many entertainers have used the power of technology to earn huge fortunes. However few have come forward to spread awareness and inspire generations through their creativity and mix of technology.

One such talented artist has emerged from the small, somewhat unfamiliar state of Tripura in northeast India. PRANAB KR Nath with his power-packed acting skills has succeeded to catch the attention of everyone.

Pranab KR Nath’s videos mainly are based on present-day scenarios and with a big punch of entertainment and fun. Moreover, his short films have created massive awareness in society and stirred the younger generation. Pranab KR Nath’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent times through his short videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Mr. Nath’s videos have passed 3million views on Facebook which is quite a milestone.
His name has surpassed the boundaries of the state and unarguably consolidated as the best among content creators in the northeast. When asked about how all these started,
Mr. Nath said when he was a university student he filmed a random video and named it “the untold story of Pranab KR Nath” for which he was laughed at by everyone.

This incident sharpened the hard fast character of Pranab KR Nath and propelled him to success through hard work and dedication. He also credited his friend Rupam Roy who helped him with his works and inspired him to fight back from failure. He also added though he is a popular face now he always tries to be quite humble and make new friends.
Whether in front of or behind the camera, he is always in his character.

This is the great Inspiring incident of Mr. Pranab KR Nath through which we can get to know that Failure is so important. We speak about success all the time. It is the ability to resist failure or use failure that often leads to greater success.

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