Kansai Nerolac’s trustworthy solutions make your home monsoon-ready



Kansai Nerolac’s trustworthy solutions make your home monsoon-ready

With monsoons round the corner, it is important to ensure that the rain does not cause damage to your house with seeping water. Peeling paint, damp patches, leakage, fungus on the ceiling and walls not only impact the home’s aesthetics but can also cause corrosion of steel bars and weaken the structure of the house. Kansai Nerolac brings to you a range of waterproofing products like Nerolac Perma NoDamp, Nerolac Excel Top Guard Waterproof Basecoat, and Nerolac Excel Top Guard Topcoat which not only enhance the look of your home but also offer it long-term protection from the adversities of weather.

Solutions such as the Nerolac Perma NoDamp waterproof coating shields the exterior walls and terraces from rain damage and comes with an 8-year waterproofing warranty thereby guaranteeing you with your peace of mind. It ensures that water does not seep in through the exteriors and your walls and ceiling remain undamaged, saving you from social embarrassment due to patchy and decrepit-looking surfaces. An additional benefit of this product is that it reduces the surface temperature up to 8 oC. Post applying Nerolac Perma NoDamp you can choose the Nerolac Excel Total paint for painting your exteriors.

Painting exterior walls with waterproof paint is one of the most effective ways to protect one’s home in monsoons. However, using substandard paint can lead to problems like dampness, algae growth, and paint peeling off your exterior walls. Nerolac Excel Top Guard, a waterproofing acrylic painting system with 10 years of performance and waterproofing warranty will ensure that you do not worry about these troubles for a long time. It provides 20X rain protection and is ideal for places that receive heavy rainfall, it consists of Nerolac Excel Top Guard Waterproof Basecoat and Nerolac Excel Top Guard Topcoat which is sure to elevate the look and feel of your home while protecting it entirely, thus making you shine among your peers.

Make the most of this season by taking timely measures to ensure your house is monsoon ready so that you can enjoy the monsoons stress-free.



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