Kacha Badam singer Bhuban Badyakar receives Rs 3 lakh from music company for his viral song


It has been north of a month since the Kacha Badam melody turned into a short-term hit on the web and made significant happiness with thousands moving to its lively tunes. Bhuban Badyakar, the maker of the melody, has now got his long-due compensation for the viral tune. An amount of Rs 3 lakh was given by Godhulibela Music, the house which made the remixed rendition of the melody that is overwhelming the country. The compensation came when online media addressed whether the unfortunate nut merchant from Birbhum, West Bengal got anything monetarily out of the superhit tune.
“We marked an arrangement with Bhuban da for Rs 3 lakhs today and he was paid Rs 1.5 within proper limits. He will be paid the leftover one week from now. It was quite a while because of him,” said Gopal Ghose of Godhulibela Music.
Gopal Ghosh likewise expressed that Bhuban didn’t get anything out of the sensation he made and they hold the copyright so it was expected.
Kacha Badam’ is presently perhaps the most popular tune on the web in the beyond hardly any day. Be it in the nation or all through the world, individuals appear to have been snared to the tune.
Badyakar made the tune to draw in purchasers as he went to various towns in the Birbhum area selling peanuts. On Thursday, he was brought toward the West Bengal Police Headquarters and was congratulated by West Bengal Police.
he expressed that he never felt that the tune would be a particular hit.
“I feel special. I never suspected that I’d reach here. God’s effortlessness. Never longed for this. I just made it the tune, never suspected it’d be so featured”, Badyakar said.
The tune, which was remixed a month back, has 50 million perspectives on YouTube. Notwithstanding, questions are being raised with regards to whether a simple amount of Rs 3 lakhs is in relation to how much rapture the tune made around the world


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