Investigation of CBI and NCB in SSR’s case

Sushant Singh Rajput

Investigation of CBI and NCB in SSR’s case

CBI is enquiring about SSR’s case whether it is murder or suicide. Their investigation is ongoing and they want to present all the proofs in Court which tells that the SSR was murdered. CBI committed to helping SSR to get Justice. The public asked CBI to save its reputation. CBI has confirmed that this was the murder.

CBI does not get any solid proofs because the mastermind removed every proof. Every pictures and video are frames by frame testing by Forensic. When they investigated in Sushant’s home for the 3rd time they investigated very well and created scenes one by one. CBI has its own system of investigation. They secretly investigate and search for new things.

They are reinvestigating the whole murder case one by one and they already had collected proofs and they want shortly confirmed about the proofs they are trying to collect evidence. Everybody is asking about the CBI investigation but nobody has an idea that CBI already got solid proof that it was a murder. They are not showing because they need some time to collect some more evidence. They are investigating professionally.

CBI will also investigate with Mumbai police because they didn’t investigate well and there is something left by Mumbai police in their investigation in this case. They will investigate with DCP also for his meeting with Rhea Chakraborty at Midnight. And they will ask each and everyone those who confused the case and with those who make it free for all.public should have to believe in CBI’s investigation and they should respect their investigation too.

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