International Men’s Day 2020

International Men's Day 2020


International Men’s Day 2020

International Men’s Day is observed every year on November 19. The day celebrates the achievements and contributions of men and boys to the nation, society, community, family, marriage, and childcare. The ultimate aim of the day is to promote basic humanitarian values.

The day was launched in 1992 on 7th February by Thomas Oaster. In 1999, the event was revived by Jerome Teelucksing. He chose 19th November to honor his father’s birthday and also to celebrate how on that date in 1989, Trinidad and Tobago’s football team had united the country with their endeavors to qualify for the World Cup.

In India, the inaugural celebration of the day was organized by the leading Indian Men’s rights organization, Indian Family on 19th November 2007. Since then, the day has been celebrated every year.

International Men’s Day 2020 theme
This year, the International Men’s Day theme is ‘Better health for men and boys’ with the aim to make practical improvements to the health and wellbeing of the male population.

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