Initiatives by Signal & Telecom department of NFR to Improves safety and increased operational capacity


Initiatives by Signal & Telecom department of NFR to Improves safety and increased operational capacity

The Signal & Telecommunication organisation of NFR has taken various initiatives during last few months which resulted into increase in safety during running of trains apart from increasing reliability of assets, thereby improving punctuality.

Signal & Telecommunication organisation of NFR has already installed Electronic Interlocking in 168 stations spreading throughout N.F. Railway. Electronic Interlocking has better reliability than old mechanical interlocking system, hence help in speedy and safer operations of trains. Similarly, Block Proving Axle Counter machines have been installed in 337 block sections all over NFR; which helps in detecting train parting during movement from one station to another. To improve safety of road users, a total 554 numbers level crossing gates have been interlocked with signal of nearby stations. Integrated Power Supply system which helps in reliable & stable power supply to various equipments for optimum function have been provided to 362 stations. Similarly, Datalogger machine which provide real time monitoring of train movement as well as real time analysis of signal assets have also been provided in 375 stations spreading all over NFR.

Simmilarly to improve sectional capacity by decreasing the train operation time, Universal Fail-Safe Block Interface have been provided in 110 block sections of NFR. Electric Lifting Barrier have been provided by replacing existing manual lifting barrier gates in 372 locations resulting into reduction in failure and improvement in safety and punctuality. Sliding boom in LC gates has been provided in total 106 LC gates to reduce failure time during breakage of gate barrier.

It may be mentioned here that only yesterday, NFR has replaced the Mechanical signalling system in the Raninagar Jalpaiguri Jn – Jalpaiguri – Haldibari section under Katihar division with new Electronic Interlocking system. With this no section of NFR is left with Mechanical signalling system as on date.  

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