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Indian Cricket 2022, Indian Cricket, and the same old story…

Indian Cricket 2022, Indian Cricket, and the same old story…

How foolish, cowardly, meek, and timid Rohit Sharma’s and Rahul Dravid’s approach in international T20 cricket is and has been.

Gone are the days people will applaud for some past performances, it’s about what a team is doing now on the world stages like World cups.

Indian Cricket 2022, Indian Cricket, and the same old story...

Saurav Ganguly damaged Indian cricket?

Saurav Ganguly damaged Indian cricket more than he served it, thank god he was pushed out from the setup altogether.

Dada just needs to concentrate to sell his gambling apps and earn money but should not enter Indian cricket anymore.

Dada’s ugly fight with Virat Kohli and subsequent removal of Kohli from captaincy was so damaging for Indian cricket that the team almost forgot to fight.

Rahul Dravid is not the person to take Indian cricket forward, nor VVS Laxman, nor Anil Kumble, probably they can in Test cricket but not fast-paced T20 cricket where every ball is an event.

They were great Test players of yesteryears, TEST players, that’s all.

Indian Cricket 2022 , Indian Cricket and the same old story...

Can Rahul Dravid create a new shot to score some fast runs?

No, absolutely not, he had to be a wicketkeeper to be in the ODI team even in his playing days.

A leg spinner is a must in Australian conditions and this simple fact Rohit Sharma and Dravid could not understand.

England is in the final and Pakistan is in the final, what is common between them?

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A leg spinner of course who played all the matches till the final.

The English team already changed their approach in Test cricket too, they just go after the bowlers even in Test cricket as we saw in their last summer session when they beat India also.

Goody goody coach, captain, and approach are not going to give any results in T20 cricket other than those in bilateral series.

It’s time for some radical changes for T20 international cricket and hopefully someone in BCCI also thinking in that line.

Nandan Chetry

Author–N. Chetry

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